• If you don’t know about Piska Power yet, here’s a little introduction to the German producer’s uniquely eccentric sound universe. Based out of Berlin, Stefan Junge isn’t your regular dance music producer – he’s an abseiler, a spelunker of electronics heeding the call of the wild.

    Avid explorator of tortuously sculpted tech-y meanders and burnt-out circuit board scapes, Piska Power threads his way across intricate webs of proto-techno rhythms and distorted harmonics like one scouts uncharted caverns and grottos, continuously tracing back upriver, where electronic signals come into being and the drums beat a savage, unadulterated pulse out the dawn of time.

    Showcasing the breadth of his skills through a dizzying maelstrom of feverish percussions, bouncy 303 arpeggios and enticing bird calls captured during various field-recording excursions, PP’s contribution encompasses his unparalleled vision with optimal results. “


  • The 5th installation of Power Station, this time from the unused tunnels of Berlin’s U-Bahn. A first time artist release for us as himself and vice versa – metaphorically but not limited to reality.

    German born, Stefan (wunder) Junge aka Piska Power is Med student by day and neurotic composer by night which is clearly examined and demonstrated with his 6 track ‘Landung’ ep.

    Opening song ‘Riemen‘ (Belt) floats way above the cosmos, now? the future ? or is it before the beginning of anything? which metaphysically speaking, in the grand scheme of everything is nothing… Bursts and cosmic collision peripherate through-out the track for a final gas explosion, Earth? ‘Kette‘ gives us early signs of life, deep in the water – a 6 and half minute motorik Marimba jam, incubating at 80bpm. ‘Flöha‘ washes you ashore, a tiny speck of un-ware living matter exploring the land, the slow heartbeat pulsating you through and the strike of the Toms hark the call for evolution.

    Flip over to B1 and you have ‘Umgehung‘, Stefan has fast tracked human evolution, the pulsating modular sequence slowly mutating all the while at its core remaining the same, a reference to the primal condition of the Homo-sapien. A dark turn, ARAS travels deep into the unsound (albeit temporary) human psyche, dealing with all the negative effects of this thing we call LIFE. ARAS also comes with a self help voice guide courtesy of Dr Junge (Nur Deutsch) and finally LANDUNG, closes up this journey of an EP, you have arrived!.“


  • The noise in the industrial estate echoed loudly in the morning, the grey sky which hung above the compound was eerie and cast a menacing tone upon the day. The Aras factory had long since closed its doors but that didn’t stop the building from rattling and creaking beneath the strain of the wind like before. Walking through the concrete sprawl he wondered if there might ever be new life in this place or whether it was doomed to the tragic end as a ghost town.

    Piska Power is the musical alias of Stefan Junge, a German producer operating out of Berlin under the cover of darkness. By day a medical student, at night a musical mogul. He delivers the fifth release on the Power Station label run by Kris Baha.


  • The mix he delivered is something hard to describe, super pitched down techno with a nagging, obsessing, somewhat of a industrial background sound into it.“


  • „Something very odd, suitable to anyone that wants to fly and imagine different environments.

Mediocre started at the beginning of 2015, by sending music files over the Atlantic, and having the idea of making something that sounds different to us and to the contemporary.


Mediocre is the sound track of our unknown hero’s trip, that creates a dark atmosphere that surrounds the concept.

Belén (vocals) and Borchi (rhythm) collaborated with this album.

It is recommended to free yourself and get lost in the sound jungle and the stories that connect the melodies and rhythms.

The reward: A trip to another world.“