Piska Power (BIO)


Stefan Junge ( Piska Power ) lives in Berlin, Germany.

1989 this city was recreated during the time when he drank mothers milk.

Six years later the village-boy bought his first Compact Disc on a Medieval market in the east-german village Augustusburg.

The commercial Hit „Harcore Vibes“ of Dune entered his Brain.

Since then he became a fan of Heavy Metal bands like Iron Maiden and started to mess around with Techno records on vinyl in 2007.

Trying to find answers to the question, how sound is created,

he started to use music-production-software on his computer and burned the tracks on Compact Discs to show them to friends.

2008 He has got invited to a Club in Berlin, that supports techno/ house Newcomer Djs. Some months later he moved to Berlin.

First vinyl release on Kris Bahas POWER STATION .